Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Catch Up

Well it seems I am a slacker once again. Spare time is hard to come by these days. I don't know how such a small little man can keep you so busy but he does. Time goes by so fast. I seriously cant believe my baby will be ONE in three months. Seriously mind boggling. 
 He is a becoming a little monster. My sweet baby is starting to get mad and whiny when things don't go his way. All I can think is "It is starting!" I am not ready for tantrums nor do I think I can handle them. I never want to be that mom in the store with the screaming child but I have a feeling you can't help it. It will happen no matter what. So all I can do is prepare myself. Bridger is still my sweet angel baby but he is starting to have his moments especially when he is tired.
Bridger is getting so smart and learning so many new things. He is turning into a mini human and not so much a baby. 
Here is a break down of our last month and a half with a few happening for Bridger. 
{8 Months Old}

I can not even handle the cuteness

{The Zoo}

 {St. Patrick's Day}
We got a new pet and Bridger is obsessed with his fishy. All day he wants to is watch and point at his fish. He also knows and recognizes the word fishy like no other. When we say fish or when we read him a book with a fish in it. He looks and points at his fish. If you ask him "Where's the fishy?" He will point to his fish. I love it. 
There is still no little crawler around here yet, but Bridger loves to stand. He would do it all day if I let him. We are working on walking while he holds are hands. He is getting better. I will say I am going to be in trouble once he does become mobile. 
He may not be a crawler but he does get around. He rolls around to get to things he wants and he can push himself back. He seems to always end up under Ryan and Carlee's couch. 
First Easter Egg Hunt. I was way more nervous than he was. I didn't want to have to get tough with the other moms :). We did good. We came home with  a lot of candy.
Easter Morning

 Bridger seems to be old enough to realize new things and toys. He was so ready to dig into all of his new stuff.
The Easter Bunny was very good to Bridger this year!
Rockin' some Easter style
We defiantly took advantage of the weather on Easter and spend some of our day at the park. Bridger gets ecstatic while swinging. He loves it.
 In love with this little family
Oh how this picture melts my heart.

 This little man LOVES books. He loves being read to. He loves looking at them. He even loves eating them.
When he is by himself looking at books. He will babble on and on almost like he is trying to read. I love it. It is the cutest thing. 

 Yes. We do love our selfies no matter where we are. And dad loves to photo bomb.

Family time with the cutest of cousins.

And here is a Turner Phone Dump to fill in the gaps.
This is Bridger wishing you a happy Tuesday but disappointed it is not Friday!

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