Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Catch Up

Well it seems I am a slacker once again. Spare time is hard to come by these days. I don't know how such a small little man can keep you so busy but he does. Time goes by so fast. I seriously cant believe my baby will be ONE in three months. Seriously mind boggling. 
 He is a becoming a little monster. My sweet baby is starting to get mad and whiny when things don't go his way. All I can think is "It is starting!" I am not ready for tantrums nor do I think I can handle them. I never want to be that mom in the store with the screaming child but I have a feeling you can't help it. It will happen no matter what. So all I can do is prepare myself. Bridger is still my sweet angel baby but he is starting to have his moments especially when he is tired.
Bridger is getting so smart and learning so many new things. He is turning into a mini human and not so much a baby. 
Here is a break down of our last month and a half with a few happening for Bridger. 
{8 Months Old}

I can not even handle the cuteness

{The Zoo}

 {St. Patrick's Day}
We got a new pet and Bridger is obsessed with his fishy. All day he wants to is watch and point at his fish. He also knows and recognizes the word fishy like no other. When we say fish or when we read him a book with a fish in it. He looks and points at his fish. If you ask him "Where's the fishy?" He will point to his fish. I love it. 
There is still no little crawler around here yet, but Bridger loves to stand. He would do it all day if I let him. We are working on walking while he holds are hands. He is getting better. I will say I am going to be in trouble once he does become mobile. 
He may not be a crawler but he does get around. He rolls around to get to things he wants and he can push himself back. He seems to always end up under Ryan and Carlee's couch. 
First Easter Egg Hunt. I was way more nervous than he was. I didn't want to have to get tough with the other moms :). We did good. We came home with  a lot of candy.
Easter Morning

 Bridger seems to be old enough to realize new things and toys. He was so ready to dig into all of his new stuff.
The Easter Bunny was very good to Bridger this year!
Rockin' some Easter style
We defiantly took advantage of the weather on Easter and spend some of our day at the park. Bridger gets ecstatic while swinging. He loves it.
 In love with this little family
Oh how this picture melts my heart.

 This little man LOVES books. He loves being read to. He loves looking at them. He even loves eating them.
When he is by himself looking at books. He will babble on and on almost like he is trying to read. I love it. It is the cutest thing. 

 Yes. We do love our selfies no matter where we are. And dad loves to photo bomb.

Family time with the cutest of cousins.

And here is a Turner Phone Dump to fill in the gaps.
This is Bridger wishing you a happy Tuesday but disappointed it is not Friday!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Slacker Mom with Updates

I am pretty sure I have sat down and started doing this blog post about 7 times now. I don't know what it is but I  have had trouble blogging lately. It is almost a bloggers block and maybe a little bit of lack of motivation. I always think "no one reads our blog anyway" but then I remember I don't blog for that reason I blog because this is my journal of our life and family and I don't want to miss all of the details by procrastinating writing posts.
 Not to mention our computer has been down for about 4 days. It crashed but luckily we were able to back all of our pictures, music, movies ect. up. So it took a day and a half to back all of our files up and then we had to factory reset the computer, so it is now pretty much a brand new computer again. I had to CD, by CD {there is 32 of them} download and extract about 20 files per CD. That took about another day and a half. I am extremely grateful I was able to back everything up. I would of bawled my eyes out if I lost all of our pictures.
Here is Bridger 7 month info, and the "Slacker Mom Award" goes to me seeing as he turns 8 months  on Saturday
That being said this is going to be a foot long post.
{7 Months Old}

 I am pretty sure Bridger is slowly starting to transform into a toddler and is starting to let go of some of his baby ways. Little things he does I just can't believe it. He is acting so much older and starting to become independent. It is nice to not have to constantly entertain him but at the same time I don't mind catering to my little baby boy. I think it has been these last few weeks that Aaron and I have really noticed.
Little Man is so full of life and is loving taking everything in. I can tell now that he notices everything and I can see his little motors going when he does. He doesn't just notice things now he analyzes it, studies it and takes it all in. He is so full of life and I would just love to see everything through his eyes right now. New colors, textures, new places. Learning new things everyday. Oh my, I bet it is so exciting!

Happenings for this month:
  • The biggest one for me is, BRIDGER IS FINALLY IN HIS OWN ROOM. I don't know what took us so long but at 6 1/2 months old he moved out of our room and into his. I actually do know what took so long, his room had become our laundry room and I was a nervous mama and wanted my baby next to our bed each night. I feel bad I waited so long because now little man sleeps through the night about 8:30p.m.- 7a.m and he takes one, two hour nap and one, three hour nap everyday and not to mention I know he sleeps much better and so do we. 
  • Little man has always babbled but now he talks constantly. He has said dada, baba and just recently I have heard mama. Now I know all babies babble and I know, well at least my definition of first words is he has to match the word to the object and know what it means. So in a way he has had his first words and then again he has not. {side note: dada was the first thing he said and Aaron loves it}
  • Bridger has started mimicking alot of what we do. Like with talking there has been a handful of times where we have said the words above and he has repeated them back to us. He also loves when we growl at him, he growls right back. 
  • I love that Bridger can play by himself for a while now. I am able to get things done and I know it is just good for him to be alone and learn independence. He does love when we sneak or spy on him while he is playing. He gets so excited.

  • Bridger also sits in the cart at the store now and he loves it. I just know he feels so big. 
  •  Little man LOVES to dance!He is a dancing fool. I love when Aaron starts singing and he will start dancing, it is so funny. He loves to jam out. All you have to do is turn on music or say dance, dance, dance and he goes to town.
  • Bridger is quite the character he pulls the funniest faces. He has so much expression. Not to mention he LOVES his tongue.

  • Bridger also got his first real hair cut. It was so long and he did so good. I am sad now that I cut it. I kind of wish I didn't.
 {After} Handsome Stud

In other Turner news Burrows is back to his lion self and he loves it as do we. I hate cat hair everywhere. Ewe!
{Random Activities}
Beckhams Birthday Party
Living Planet Aquarium

{6 Month Check Up}
He is so big, but he is also on the little side of the scale
Weight- 27.71%tile
Height- 5.95%tile
Head Circumference- 50.18%tile
{Valentines Day}
I also spent the day with the cutest stud around. He is the best lil Valentine!
Aaron and I also celebrated our 2 year anniversary. Yay for 2 years. Sometimes I am surprised we haven't killed each other :) But seriously marriage is hard no matter how long you have know each other before you get married. Our lives have changed so much these past two years. No matter how hard things get I am so grateful to have Aaron and our little man. Aaron does so much for our family and I am so  thankful for it. It has been a wonderful two years and I am counting on  100 more. Happy Anniversary Aaron! I love you so much!
 We may have went and stuffed ourselves with all you can eat sushi at Simply Sushi and it was AMAZING. We even brought the little one and he enjoyed it too.
  I also IMADE Aaron and I's faces. How did I do? This was the best I got.
There is alot more pics for the last month and a half seeing as we take at least 20 a day. This should sum them up.
{Turner Phone Dump}
Yes I know we take a lot of selfies. :)
{Happy Tuesday}

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Six Months

Well I am very happy to be doing my first blog post for the new year. I was ready to say goodbye to 2012. I will always remember 2012 though, I will never forget it was the year I became a mama and that has changed me forever. Obliviously that was the best part of 2012 but I am ready to welcome 2013 with open arms. I have a lot of plans for this year and hopefully a lot of changes, mostly on myself. It is time for some self therapy and it is time to kick this "baby weight" in the but. I am so ready! I have decided to go "raw" at least 80% of my diet and the other 20% to be lean meats and very little whole wheat breads. And a whole lot of intense butt kicking exercise.
I have just started but I am so excited and I am blogging about it to the world in hopes it keeps the motivation going. I have "started" before like right after Bridger was born but it didn't last I think from the time he was born to now I have "started" 10 times. No more of that though. I have had a come to Jesus moment and realized I just need to do it and stop making excuses and stop being lazy and stop eating crap food and to not only loose weigh but to be healthy and fit again. Especially for the summer, um hello I can't not take Bridger swimming just because I don't like the way I look in a swimming suit. Or we can't go on fun hikes because I am so out of shape. No Way!
So as for me that is my top New Years resolution and I know every one makes that resolution to loose weight but this is not something that is going to last 3 weeks. It is a lifestyle change baby and I am not loosing focus! So here is to the new year and reaching goals! Can't wait!
Here is are first New Years Eve as a family. Bridger was ready to ring in the new year.
Happy New Year to everyone!
{Six Months Old}
On the second day of this new year Bridger turned six months. Where did my little baby go?!  I swear it is so crazy I thought when Bridger turned 5 months he changed so much but it is like he has grown up so much more from 5 to 6 months old. Bridger surprises us everyday. He really is too smart and when he gets to be more mobile we are going to be in trouble. He is such a sweetheart I can not stand it sometimes.
Happenings for this month:
Bridger has nailed sitting up. He is a rock star at it now. The first time he sat up was the day he turned 5 months and he has had a whole month to practice and he has got it down.
Bridger is a Mr. Grabbypants. He grabs anything and everything in his reach. He is such a little stinker. Sometimes I swear he does it to see our reaction.
Here is proof. He knocked all of this off of the counter and when I responded he just smiled and laughed. Little Stinker.
This little man now has chompers and boy do they hurt! He has been a really good teether. He has just been his jolly little self. I love now that when he smiles you can see his little teeth popping through.
We are also loving the Jumparoo around here. Little man has graduated from wearing his brace to 23 hours a day to only wearing them at night when he sleeps. We are loving it. So now he gets to jump and kick his little legs all day if he wants.
create an animated gif
 Now that Bridger is a pro-sitter-upper he now gets to sit up in the bath tub and he loves it. He kicks his little legs and splashes water everywhere.
 Burrows is getting some serious torture lovin' these days. Bridger loves Burrows. He gets so excited when he sees him. He opens his arms and mouth and is ready to squeeze and eat him. Good thing Burrows is a good sport. He loves when we take his hand and pet Burrows with it. He loves his fluffy fur.
 Burrows must not mind Bridger because he always seems to be hanging out with him when he plays.
Fun things we have been up to.
Did some one say Texas Roadhouse?!
Happy 3rd Birthday to the Princess Paetyn!
Seriously don't you just die at the cuteness!!!!
{Happy Weekend}
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